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Appearing Card In Bottle


Quick Overview

Is it possible to make a selected card appear in a bottle inches from a spectator's eyes? Find out by joining Eddy Ray and learn all of the secrets.

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On this DVD Eddy Ray will teach you a dozen visual effects, tricks and routines using an ordinary bottle. You’ll learn step-by-step with clear detailed teaching so that you’ll be able to add this incredible magic into your repertoire.


The instructions on this DVD will teach you how to do:


  • Card In Bottle
  • Bottle Helper Coin Production
  • UPC Revelation
  • Bottle Production
  • Bottle Vanish and Re-production
  • Cap In Bottle
  • Bottle Cap Chaos (two versions)
  • Tabbed
  • Bottle Cap Matrix
  • Two in Hand, One in Pocket
  • Peeled and Healed
  • Bottle Thru Table