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Leerzame Dvd's om diverse magic trucs, routines en behendigheden mee te leren.

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    Nu is het jouw beurt om mensen versteld te doen staan!

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    The complete collection of Paul Hallas packet tricks can now you be yours.Handy Trick Collection Let your audience provide a helping hand by amazing them with your Handy Trick Collection! Paul Hallas will teach you step-by-step how to perform each packet trick, plus a few secrets that will leave your audience astonished! These packet tricks are handy to...

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  • € 13,70 Op voorraad

    This is the card trick that will leave their jaws dropping...An effect that has baffled Magicians for years is easily learned with Wild Card.  Watch the transformation of the 9 of spades into Wild Queens right before your eyes!  Master the Ultimate Card trick quickly with the visual guide and online teaching.

    € 13,70
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  • € 19,55 Op voorraad

    OUTLAW - The Ultimate Card TrickFeaturing Kris NevlingMagic this intense only appears once in a hundred years.Outlaw happens right before your very eyes.Watch as aces transform into blank cards and then back again...Outlaw will have an ending you will never forget.This multi-phase routine is explained in detail step by step with the DVD included.Watch,...

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  • € 10,25 Op voorraad

    30 Tricks & Tips-Stripper Deck

    € 10,25
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  • € 14,75 Op voorraad

    Quick Overview Fool your spectators with the most amazing secret card forces ever! Learn over 40 secret forces! Go in-depth with expert card magic instructor Gerry Griffin step by step, move by move. This DVD contains over two and a half hours of demonstrations and explanations to expand your capabilities as a card magician.

    € 14,75
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  • € 9,80 Op voorraad

    Quick Overview Is it possible to make a selected card appear in a bottle inches from a spectator's eyes? Find out by joining Eddy Ray and learn all of the secrets.

    € 9,80
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  • € 32,50 Op voorraad

    De wijze van schudden die op deze DVD worden vertoond zijn het beste van het beste.

    € 32,50
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  • € 28,40 Op voorraad

    Super Subtle Card Miracles feat. Simon Lovell.

    € 28,40
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    Deze set bestaande uit 4 DVD's leert je eerst de basis om vervolgens door te gaan naar geavanceerde moves en tricks.

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    Een ongelooflijk uitgebreide 4 DVD set met Gerry Griffin.

    € 29,95
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  • € 25,35 Op voorraad

    Card Weapons by Ben Salanis

    € 25,35
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Toont 1 - 12 van de 16 items